Why You Will (Probably) Feel Worse Before You Feel Better

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Feeling worse since starting chiropractic care? Don’t panic-many people do.

Here’s why.

Think back to your test results. What you saw was the result of a long standing pattern of nerve interference in your spine that has accumulated over years. Layers and layers of scar tissue and remodelling of ligaments, muscle and spinal bone.

Enter the chiropractor.

In just a few visits, your spinal bones (vertebrae), muscles and ligaments will see more movement than it has in a long time. I fully expect your spine, muscles and ligaments to ‘resist’ these early changes.

Expect any added discomfort to last a week or two.

This is the phenomenon that explains,

“I went to a chiropractor and he made my spine worse!” What likely happened is the chiropractor did not prepare this person for the inevitable “cranky period” you are may be feeling right now.

Drs. Sarah and Thom

1 thought on “Why You Will (Probably) Feel Worse Before You Feel Better”

  1. Marianne Zettel (aka Mare)

    Dr. Thom and Dr. Sarah. Thank you both so very much for your extremely thorough and professional assessment of whats happening with my body. I was impressed with all of the knowledge I obtained today around whats happening with my body and the possible (likely) reasons why. It all makes perfect sense to me now. Thanks very much for the invitation to the extremely informative session you presented tonight Dr Thom. I’m grateful that you communicated in a way we could so easily understand. Thanks too for educating us on how the brain sends messages through the spine meant to allow our spine and organs to function properly. And how interrruptions in these messages due to birth, injuries &/or lack of proper care of our spine can negatively impact our organs and cause certain side effects that I personally was not aware of. I think I understand for the first time in my life, and after all these years of suffering, why many of the side effects I currently experience may be happening. I feel empowered with this knowledge and a sense of renewed hope that with proper care through adjustments and treatments from yourself and Dr Sarah along with my own self care and efforts, that together we may be able to improve the quality of my life for the first time in a very long time. I can’t begin to tell you what that means to me, but please know how very grateful I am that in my search for improved health and happiness, that I was guided to you both and am now a member of your very friendly and professional chiropractic family. I feel safe and valued because you took the necessary preliminary steps to be fully aware of whats happening with my body before treating me. Another first for me. I am looking foward to working with you both and feel confident that soon I will be experiencing improved health and a new quality of life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you both for your excellent care. Mare Zettel

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