4 Reasons walking is important for your health

4 Reasons Why is walking is important for your health by Elmira Family Chiropractic

When it comes to the numerous things we can do to improve your health, walking more is one of the things we recommend the most. It is pretty common knowledge that walking is good for you, but the real question is why?

Walking reduces stress, cheers you up and increases self esteem 

If you’ve ever gone out for a walk after a stressful situation and come back calm, you know firsthand how walking is a positive way to cope with stressful events. It is a great way to work through your thoughts. Also, studies confirm that walking benefits your mood, by releasing your body’s natural happy hormones — endorphins. And you’ll be proud at the end of each walk by setting small goals to get moving and accomplishing them which may improve self-esteem as well. 

You can lose weight by walking just 30 minutes a day 

Walking is also one of the best exercises for losing weight — it’s relatively easy to do, easy on the joints, it’s free and you have to do it every day anyway. To start walking for fitness, try to begin walking for 20 minutes a day. Researchers’ findings suggest walking ultimately helps people lose weight not only by getting your heart rate and metabolism up but also by curbing those cravings for sugary snacks. 

Walks are a great way to connect with others 

Walking with a friend or family member significantly reduces the loneliness and isolation.  And when you’re walking with buddy, you’re bound to enjoy your workout more psychologically by talking, connecting and sharing an experience. Not to mention that sharing a walk makes you focus less on the physical exertion, as you chat with your walking partner. 

Walking can reduce falls risk while improving your strength 

The more you walk, the stronger your muscles in your legs and core will be come. This will help in every facet of your life but it will also help you to improve your balance and stability. That in turn helps to reduce your risk of falling. 

At the same time, while strengthening your body, it can decrease pain from arthritis and helps to reduce loss of bone mass while keeping joints lubricated and moving better. Your spine and muscles surrounding it were designed to move in a walking pattern and therefore need that input for proper function.

when is the best time of day to walk? 

The answer really is, whenever you can do it. 

But if you want us to be more specific, it’s the morning. This is because our bodies rely on light for timekeeping. Getting light into our eyes and onto our skin within an hour of walking up each day helps to keep our circadian rhythms balanced and healthy. 

By getting morning light into our eyes, it helps our bodies slow the production of melatonin (the hormone that helps up to fall asleep at night) and give us more energy in the morning!  

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