Why do we test so much?

To test or not to test By Elmira Family Chiropractic

Have you ever wondered why we do so many different tests in the office? Perhaps you feel like you have done enough tests over the years and you are feeling a bit testy about all of the tests! Well, new research is validating how important specificity is in the adjustment and how it changes the prefrontal cortex in the brain!

First off, we don’t like to guess, so we test! As my uncle once told me, “There is no such thing as luck! Luck is the product of design.” We are designed to be extraordinary, from our head all the way down to our feet and so we feel it is imperative that we don’t leave it up to ‘Lady Luck’ to see how your body and nervous system is functioning.

That is why we have designed a very comprehensive and in-depth strategy to regularly test your neurological function (posture, muscle tone, range of motion, heart rate variability, gait analysis, X-ray, etc.) to make sure you stay at your best!

Second, specificity matters. 

Maybe you have heard of the person who had terrible back pain, then one day accidently slipped and fell and magically they were cured! It wasn’t magic, it was that their body was subluxated (displaced vertebrae) and the fall jarred the bones back into place allowing their innate intelligence to once again flow freely over their nervous system.

Lucky for them!

But most people don’t want to throw themselves down a set of stairs in the hopes that they will come out better on the other side (please don’t try this at home)!

No in fact most people are looking for a more gentle and specific chiropractic approach to correcting subluxations in their spine so they can be healthy. 

And when it comes to making chiropractic adjustments to the spine and nervous system, it is more than just a matter of hoping and praying we get the right vertebrae. 

Studies show that when subluxated vertebrae are adjusted, it causes neurological changes at that neurospinal segment, but also upstream in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. 

As a refresher, the prefrontal cortex intelligently regulates our thoughts, actions and emotions through extensive connections with other brain regions. However, if an UNsubluxated vertebrae was manipulated (moved unnecessarily) then these changes do not take place.

WOW! Unfortunately, people are being manipulated by practitioners trying to be like chiropractors and it can do more harm than good. We love the people we refer to, but please leave the art of the adjustment to your chiropractor!

So even though it takes time and effort to do a proper analysis and test how your nervous system is functioning, it is imperative to get you the best results possible! So please thank Alyssa, Kathy or Gail next time they hand you a clipboard with some paperwork to fill out.

Dr. Thom

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