#050 – Life in Elmira – Elmira Family Chiropractic with Dr Thom and Dr Sarah

050 - Life in Elmira - Elmira Family Chiropractic with Dr Thom and Dr Sarah by Elmira Family Chiropractic

50 Episodes! What a blessing this experience has been. We have loved spending time each week getting to know other business owners in our community. Many have asked when we were going to showcase our own business and we figured it’s the time!

At Elmira Family Chiropractic, it is our pleasure and our mission to serve and lead as many people as we can toward optimal health expression. We engage our people in true health care – a joint journey between doctor and patient with the common goal of experiencing life to the fullest and we share this journey with newborns, children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

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More about Dr Sarah:

Hi! I’m Dr Sarah Green and I am extremely passionate about helping families be healthier and more aligned with their purpose. Together with my husband, Dr Thom we have a goal of changing the trajectory of health in this community by empowering families with natural strategies to live more clear and connected.

I believe in putting the needs of children first to develop a brighter future for generations to come, which is why I have done advanced post-doctoral training in both pediatrics and pregnancy. I am obsessed with learning, which is why I have taken many advanced courses to expand my knowledge in pregnancy, infant development, birth, parenting, nutrition and exercise training.

When I am not at the office, or with Dr Thom and our two children Lyla and Dillon, I love to read, advance my knowledge at seminars, lift heavy weights, go to spin class, travel, eat awesome local food or spend time laughing with friends and family.

More about Dr Thom:

Hi I’m Dr. Thom, I love what I do and do what I love! I am passionate about teaching people about the incredible healing power within themselves because chiropractic changed my life when I was 10 years old. This is why I believe in putting the needs of children first, to develop a healthier future for not only them, but future generations. It is so much easier to make an adjustment as soon as a problem happens, then years down the road.

I grew up in Rockport, Ontario on the beautiful St. Lawrence River and I love being in nature. If I am not in the office, you will likely find me playing with my 2 lovely children, hiking, canoeing, snowboarding or cooking. I did my undergraduate studies in London at Western and then completed my Chiropractic education in Toronto where I met my lovely wife and partner in life Dr. Sarah. Upon graduation, we had a serendipitous meeting with Dr. Bruce Kleinknecht, a long-time Elmira chiropractor. He was selling his practice and we came to visit the area and loved the community. We moved to Elmira and became the proud successors of Elmira Family Chiropractic and haven’t looked back.

When it comes to my art and craft, I am a full spine chiropractor with an upper cervical focus. I am highly skilled in a wide range of adjusting techniques to suit your body’s specific restorative needs. I have studied Pediatric care through the ICPA, Thompson Technique, Activator, MC2, Kale, Pearce, Talsky Tonal, Cranial Sacral, Logan and diversified.

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