#008 – Life in Elmira – Bonsai Creative with Jon Brown

008 – Life in Elmira – Bonsai Creative with Jon Brown by Elmira Family Chiropractic

One day I was cruising through Facebook and came across a video that Jon and (his wonderful wife and business partner) had created for Spark Creative Arts here in Elmira. I would highly advise checking it out here.

As someone who really doesn’t watch videos or enjoy them (I more enjoy reading something over watching it), this video was one I finished to the end, replayed multiple times and cried because of the beauty of the story.

We had been looking for a company, preferably local, that could create something for our office to help us share our story. So I immediately contacted Jon at Bonsai Creative.

More about Bonsai

At Bonsai Creative, they believe that love stories are stories worth sharing. They approach telling your story as an artist approaches her canvas – the way a musician approaches his instrument. They want to study you and understand how you work. And to create something that is cherished by you and your family for generations. 

They love real moments and crave deep connection and they are not satisfied with pat answers or doing things because “that’s how you do it.” They have a growth mindset and are always challenging themselves, something we find very admirable.

We had an awesome conversation with Jon and we hope you enjoy it too!

Listen here:

Best ways to get in contact with this awesome company:

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