#007 – Life In Elmira – Crokinole Game Boards with Jeremy Tracey

007 – Life In Elmira – Crokinole Game Boards with Jeremy Tracey by Elmira Family Chiropractic

On this episode:

We had the pleasure of chatting with friend and business owner Jeremy Tracey. Jeremy and his family own Crokinole Game Boards where they handcraft, high quality crokinole boards, right here in Elmira.

Jeremy has been trained and mentored by one of the best crokinole board builders in the world today. Combine that with Jeremy’s passion for the game of crokinole and what you have is the ‘TRACEY’ board that looks amazing and plays even better.

Check out the episode here:

Throughout our chat we got to learn about some of values he holds dear, about his mentorship from Willard Martin (a very well known, experienced Crokinole game board maker) along with some of the struggles of being in a family business.

Where can you play?

For anyone interested in trying the game of crokinole, he let us know about some clubs in the local area (which will open back up hopefully in the near future!). Check out the information for both: St. Jacobs Crokinole Club or Waterloo Crokinole Club

Best way to get in contact with Jeremy is:

2 thoughts on “#007 – Life In Elmira – Crokinole Game Boards with Jeremy Tracey”

  1. I just read joe Fulop book on crokinole. He talked about putting spin and backspin on your button but did not explain how. Could you please explain this. Thanks.
    Cliff Knoll

    1. Hi Cliff,

      Best to speak with the expert on that one. You can find Jeremy on facebook or instagram @traceyboards.


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