#004 – Life in Elmira – Nexus Health and Training with Luke Baleshta

004 – Life in Elmira – Nexus Health and Training with Luke Baleshta by Elmira Family Chiropractic

Nexus Health and Training‘s mission is to utilize their fitness knowledge and experience to provide their clients and the community with the highest quality training and conditioning at one great place.

Their club offers many different training and fitness opportunities for people of all ages as they believe that staying healthy should be a goal that everyone should strive towards. 

Listen here:

With the COVID pandemic, Nexus is doing all they can to support our community to keep fit and active. They are hosting classes online FOR FREE that you can join. Check them out at: https://www.nexushealthandtraining.com/group-classes.html

Also for any young athletes, check out there at home programming here: https://www.nexushealthandtraining.com/hockey-performance-program.html

If your interested in checking out the blog Luke spoke about, click here.

Our personal experience:

Personally love to train and push our bodies physically in the gym. For years we trained at Crossfit gyms and loved the programming but found it very difficult to make their schedules work for our life so two years ago, we hired some online coaches and started doing our training at Nexus Health and Fitness.

We have both seen huge changed in our strength and abilities and we also have been able to be much more accountable to our fitness regime. Consistency really does matter who it comes to fitness.

For more information about Nexus Health and Training check out there website here, on facebook or on instagram.

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