Lyla’s Birth Story-Part 2

Lyla's Birth Story - Part 2 by Elmira Family Chiropractic

It has been a few months since I wrote about and shared my birth story. In all honesty, it was terrifying. I had no idea what people would say or if anyone would even care to read it.

As it turned out, it is the most read article I have ever written and that means a lot to me, so thank you. And to all the other brave women who stepped up and shared their story, I appreciate you.

The reason I want to write about Lyla’s birth again is two fold. The first reason is Lyla’s 1st Birthday is this month, which brings a ton of emotions and memories with it. The second reason is after speaking with some people who read my article I realized that although I told my truth, I was missing a big part – how chiropractic affected my birth. Being a chiropractor myself people are curious as to whether “it worked for me”…

First off, I was in labour for a long time and no it was not an easy experience.

Yes, it hurt. Hurt more then anything ever in my life.

And yes, it was the most incredible, life altering, spirit awakening, soul-centering experience I have ever encountered.

So that you understand, I was under regular, consistent chiropractic care. I was checked and/or adjusted at least once a week (sometimes twice if I wasn’t clearing easily or had more external stress in my life).

Some people have heard that you should go to a chiropractor when you’re pregnant because it will help with your labour – maybe even make it shorter. Other benefits women have found are a decreased risk of meconium-stained amniotic fluid, decreased use of forceps during delivery, decreased likelihood of having a preterm baby, decreased blood pressure, decreased low back pain and decreased carpal tunnel symptoms (1).

Over Christmas, one of my cousins asked an honest question. She asked if I still believe that chiropractic “worked for me” since my labour was not shorter so I figured she wasn’t the only one with this thought.

I was never under chiropractic care because I wanted to deal with a sign or symptom. That “symptom” for many could have been back pain, neck pain, headaches or wanting to have a shorter labour time.

The reason I was under chiropractic care (and will remain to be for the rest of my life) is because chiropractic helps to reconnect your brain to body via the adjustment through your nervous system. It unleashes the same potential in you that was capable of taking one egg and one sperm to make you…37.2 trillion cells. Have you ever really thought about how amazing that is?

When you are subluxated, which is what takes place when outside stressors overload your body and cause nerve pressure to build up, you are functioning at less than 100% health. Our bodies were designed to move towards health from above down inside out, provided that our nervous system is functioning without interference.

That is it.

Even though my labour was tough, there was never a moment when I was going to give up (whatever that means…). Why? Because I knew my body was designed for this. I pushed hard for two full hours. I was going to take any medication because that was the gift I wanted to give my baby which was really important to me.

My nervous system was clear (clear means being in a state free of subluxation or fully connected). I was able to stay focused even through the pain because my nervous system was doing what it was designed to do and releasing all sorts of wonderful chemicals like adrenaline.

I wish that all women could see their amazing potential from within. To know that they are capable of whatever they put their mind to as long as they trust themselves, their instincts and their bodies.

Being under chiropractic care for the last 20+ years has taught me of the amazing capacity of my body. This is what chiropractic has done for me.

And that my friends, means so so so much more to me than a short labour or less back pain.

If you are pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant or alive, you should get your nervous system and spine checked for subluxations. If you don’t know where, I have people all across the country to refer you to and I will be happy to find you the right doctor.

Dr. Sarah

P.S. For those interested, June 1st, alongside our friend Amy Sonnenberg, I will be starting a new program in Elmira called “The Healthy Baby Series”. Come learn how you can have a healthy pregnancy and raise healthy kids.

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(1) The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association June 2012, 112(6):343-6 “Osteopathic manipulative treatment in pregnant women.” Lavelle JM

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