Listen to your Heart: How we Ended up in Elmira

Listen To Your Heart - How We Ended Up In Elmira by Elmira Family Chiropractic

So how did you end up in Elmira?

Today, I had my car detailed by a man in town. He was asking where we lived in town and how long we had been here. I let him know we were from “away” and moved to Elmira 2 ½ years ago. The next question usually is, so why Elmira? This conversation always leads me back to following your heart, but first how we got here.

How did we end up in Elmira?

Well as many of you know, we own and operate Elmira Family Chiropractic. We took over it 2 years ago from an amazing Doc, Dr. Bruce Kleinknecht.

In all honestly, I had never heard of Elmira 2 ½ years ago. Dr. Thom and I were at Chiropractic College in Toronto at the time. We knew we wanted to purchase a practice in Ontario. We met some amazing doctors but we never had the full feeling like it was right. Each time, we were trying to convince ourselves how we could make each place work.

We spent a lot of time building our vision. We wanted a smaller town, close to a bigger center. Access to nature, good homegrown food and family based community, with a great involvement of community members.

Long story short – we met Bruce and his wife Carole at a conference and a couple weeks later we made our first trip to Elmira. They showed us their practice and drove us around town and we went out for lunch together. During lunch, Thom invited himself on Bruce’s annual canoeing trip (if you know my husband, you won’t be surprised by this – haha).

We got in the car to drive back home. 15 seconds passed, but it felt like 2 hours and both looked at each other and said, “I think it’s it.” We decided that Thom would know for sure if it were right following the canoe trip because he would have a great sense of who Bruce was. Obviously, we are here so you know how that ended.

Why do I share this story with you?

Have you had those moments where you feel as if some sort of still, small voice is talking to you? Sometimes it is louder, sometimes you wonder if its still there. You may call it your gut feeling, your heart talking to you, your educated mind or God. Or even Bob. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter to me what you define it as – you get to decide. For me, I call this my innate intelligence (or innate for short).

I know for certain every single time I hear this voice speak to me and I didn’t listen, things just didn’t work out the way I wanted. For example, living situations with roommates or friends I have chosen that I knew weren’t the best influences. When I do listen though – WOW.

Now don’t get be wrong – it isn’t always easy. It isn’t always pretty. Sometimes when I hear the voice I wonder why… I logically try to figure out if I am actually doing the right thing or try to talk myself out of it because it may seem crazy.

But when I do listen to my innate, amazing things happen.
Now this voice gets louder the more you listen. It’s very loud when we are young but we stifle it and it is something Thom and I have both said we will focus on with Lyla as she grows older.

Let me give you some examples for when I listened:

  • My home birth
  • Picking my university and chiropractic college
  • Choosing Thom as my husband and life partner
  • Building a relationship with our best friends
  • Or this morning, at 2:30am, when it told me to get up and start writing

Yes, sometimes this voice can even be annoyingly clear.

But, let this voice guide you.

~Dr. Sarah

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