Is supplementing with Omega-3’s actually important?

Is supplementing with Omega-3’s actually important? by Elmira Family Chiropractic

The past fifteen years have been filled with news stories about the “miracle– like” benefits of fish oil (or omega-3’s). Is this supplement snake oil, or are you truly getting bang for your buck?

Essential fats are required in our diet. We cannot make them and therefore must consume from an outside source. One category of these fats found in fish oil – Omega 3 fats. They are vital to many of the cellular process that help our body operate and maintain great health.

These fats are predominately found in the foods our food eats. Plants, algae and seaweed are veritable stores of Omega 3s and, when consumed by animals including cows and fish, the plant version is perfectly converted to another form of Omega 3 for our use.

Historically, we obtained our essential fatty acids, both Omega 3 and 6, from dietary sources of wild game, seafood, and less appetizing sources like grubs and insects. When consuming them in this By Design way, we naturally create a balance of Omega 3 to 6 fats – this is opposite to what is generally found in our current culture and modern diet. Omega-3 – 6 ratios of 1:50 and beyond have been found and are contributing to the massive epidemic of inflammation and deterioration of our health.

But why is this happening?

Our modern grain-fed food supply, complete with refined vegetable oils rich in Omega-6, has completely altered the critical balance of Omega 3:6 in our modern diet. Add in our stressful lifestyle, minimal movement and our nerve system compromised by vertebral subluxation – we’re left with a recipe for disaster.

These Omega-3 fats also play an important role in fetal development as well as focus, concentration and brain development in our children.

No question – if you’re not fully living By Design, and even if you are – supplementing our diets with pure, pharmaceutical-grade fish oils has proven to be a great way to re-balance this all-important ratio.

There are many quality brands available, but we love Bonfire Fish Oil – in fact we love it so much, we certified it Life By Design Approved! It can be found in our office and online at

Never forget that even essential supplements only help fill the gaps in your Life By Design. Although, they never replace the action steps you and your family need to include in your lifestyle if you want your family to be extraordinary.

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