How Does a Subway Station Interfere with Health?

How Does a Subway Station Interfere with Health?

If I met you on the street and asked a simple question, “How important is your brain and nerve system to your health and life?” the answer would always be: “Vital!”

What would happen if we interfere with this delicate and vital system?

The central nerve system is so important that nature built armor around it — your skull and spinal column. However, even with this inborn protection, your nerve system can experience interference, injury or disturbance. We call this interference to your nerve system a Vertebral Subluxation.

This is probably a new word for most, and that’s why I often joke around and say it sounds like “Subway Station.” Of course, a Subway Station doesn’t really interfere with your health – but a Subluxation surely does!

The Causes of Subluxation

Subluxation is an adaptation by the body when the accumulation of stress exceeds the capacity of the body to handle stress. This process can be likened to a circuit breaker which functions to protect the house by shutting down the electrical network if too much current passes through it.

When individual physical, chemical and emotional stresses or, in most cases, the accumulation of all three overwhelm the body, one or more vertebral subluxations are created, and the nerve system is compromised. If left uncorrected, this nerve pressure will contribute to the deterioration of one’s health, performance and potential.

The Global Effects of Subluxations On Your Body

Due to the fact that the nerve system acts as the primary communication pathway for everything in the body, the list of systems and functions impacted by nerve interference are as vast as the nerve system itself: some examples are the immune system, concentration, focus, cognition, blood sugar regulation, the cardiovascular system, reaction time, sleep, and even DNA repair! The effects go far beyond the location of the Subluxation, affecting our entire body in ways we may never recognize.

How do you know if you are Subluxated?

The truth is, the only way to know how well your spine and nerve system are functioning is to complete a series of tests to document objective measurements of pressure, interference and distortion.

This is the true purpose of a Life By Design Chiropractor – to help maintain the health of the Brain – Body connection so you and your family can live the best life possible and the one you deserve.

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