Feeling your Way Through Life

Feeling Your Way Through Life by Elmira Family Chiropractic

Have you ever had a gut feeling like you were meant to do something? Perhaps you listened to that feeling and were amazed how the outcome lined up perfectly with your values. Or perhaps you ignored it and were sorely disappointed when a great opportunity passed you by.  Well, we live in a world of paradoxes. 

On one hand during infancy and childhood, we are governed by our needs and desires that come from within. If we feel we are hungry, we cry or gesture to momma for milk. If we are tired, we close our eyes and fall asleep. This holds true to whatever our innate intelligence (our biological wisdom or God within) tells us to do. 

Then on the other hand, we start the process of education and are taught to use our mind to think our way through life. This continues as we grow and are shaped by the world around us. 

Now this is a normal part of development, but often in the process we are taught to override our feelings – that they are not important and that logic must govern the decisions we make. As kids, perhaps we were told that we were too emotional, or that we needed to be ‘seen not heard,’ in essence stifling our true nature and feelings. 

The paradox is that the smarter we get, the more we learn to silence those feelings and the divine inspiration that comes from within.  

In my own experience, life is a journey back to this perfection within. Learning to harness this inner power, which inherently operates for our greater good, enables us to lead inspired lives. Our innate intelligence works very simply when faced with decisions – it either is a definite ‘NO’ OR it creates more ease and flow in your life.

For example, if you are at a restaurant and ordering off a menu and unsure what to get, if deciding between the steak and the chicken, when you read the word steak, if that is what your body wants, it will create this soft easy feeling inside. But if you read the word chicken and you feel a ‘NO’ inside or your stomach twists up, it means eat the steak! 

Or if you are contemplating a decision, how many times have you heard someone start a sentence with, “I don’t know what to do…” When you hear this, it usually means that person knows what to do on the inside, but their educated mind is not in agreement, creating a form of cognitive dissonance. They usually seem uncomfortable, and when you are not listening to your innate it can make you feel uneasy, or even anxious like you want to crawl out of your skin. 

This is where we need to Trust that our silent partner (our innate) comprehends what is optimal for us and embrace the envisioned outcome. Our innate intelligence illuminates the goals and the direction we should pursue across all facets of our existence. Consequently, when we can learn to listen and tap in to that still small voice, we transition from a state of resistance to one of resonance, becoming internally guided rather than externally reactive.

The initial step in reconnecting with yourself might entail disconnecting from distractions like television, Netflix, video games, social media, drugs and alcohol and dedicating 15-30 minutes daily to quiet reflection which can clearing the mind of clutter so you can better hear your innate wisdom. 

And the more you listen to your innate, the easier it gets. It is like a muscle and the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. Then you start living life in the flow, where life happens for you and not just to you making ease your normal state. There will still be challenges you will face every day, but you will not be stuck thinking or worrying your way through life as God will provide. It’s crucial to remember the words of Norman MacLean in the movie “A River Runs Through It,” “Man is a damn mess until he learns God’s order.” 

Just like healing comes from above down, inside and out, so to do does all our answers and our connection to the Creator.

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  1. I loved your “Living Your Way Through Life” message. So simple yet so profound. I have decided to try this ‘quiet time’ for 1/2 hour a day. Just what the doctor ordered I believe.

    Thanks Dr. Thom and Dr. Sarah for you care, wisdom and guidance. You both are deeply appreciated by myself and my family.

    I have marked the 60th (10th Anniv) date in my calendar. We’ll look forward to celebrating with you all in September. Wishing you both and your family a wonderful summer. Mare Zettel

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