5 Signs of protein deficiency by Elmira Family Chiropractic

5 Signs of protein deficiency

When it comes to protein deficiency, here are 5 signs that you may have a problem. HUNGER Constant or frequent physical and or emotional hunger can be a sign we are not fueling our body properly. This is especially true if this hunger is happening after meals or frequently throughout the day regardless of snacking …

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The Universe and You by Elmira Family Chiropractic

The Universe and You

Did you ever stop to wonder how everything in the universe works? How your mind and body work? How two cells (a sperm and egg) can come together and in forty weeks create some forty billion cells, ten toes and ten fingers, beautiful eyes, a smile, an ability to feed and a nervous system to …

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Only read this if you are a parent.

We see a lot of families and children in our office. It is not because they have low back pain, it is because they have a spine and nervous system just like ​you!

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The first progress exam is coming…

You are coming along, you might be noticing some awesome changes, but maybe you are not… Maybe you are like many people who started care in this office symptom free and just wanted to optimize your overall health and well being! Either way, this short video will help ​you​​ understand where you are at​ and ​what to expect​ …

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