Are you saD? Is vitamin D for ME?

Are you saD? Is vitamin D for ME? by Elmira Family Chiropractic

Winter is a wonderful time of the year filled with hockey, snowmen and Christmas. But for many people winter can depressing. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that usually begins in the fall and lasts throughout the winter months. It is related to changes in mood, low energy, a tendency to over eat and decreased sex drive.

SAD is a response to a change in sun exposure. Daily sun exposure is a requirement for proper human health because it converts cholesterol on our skin into vitamin D.

Why do I need vitamin D?

Conclusive scientific evidence states that modern industrial human beings are dangerously deficient in vitamin D. Humans are genetically designed to get their vitamin D from DAILY sunlight. Modern humans living in northern climates cannot get enough sun exposure to produce sufficient vitamin D. Even the snowbirds that go to Florida rarely get enough exposure due to clothes and sunscreen.

Abnormal levels of vitamin D are associated with a whole spectrum of diseases. The only way to assure sufficient amounts of vitamin D is through SUPPLEMENTATION.

Every cell in our body has receptors for vitamin D and it is needed for optimal function.

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