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Maybe it’s the sore neck, reoccurring headaches or exhaustion that is holding you back. Or the low back pain that won’t let up. It could be that you notice your babies head is tilted, they are getting a flat spot, or they aren’t nursing correctly. Either way, we understand that not functioning at 100% is frustrating. We care about you and your family and strive to awaken your incredible health potential as your family chiropractor.

We Listen We Care at Elmira Family Chiropractic
We Are Passionate at Elmira Family Chiropractic

We are passionate...

As your family chiropractor, we believe that health is our most vital asset, and we seek to inspire families to live an incredible life powered by a healthy nervous system. We believe that you have a remarkable capacity to heal and live the life you desire with the proper care and guidance.

We deliver...

We are known as leaders in providing excellent family chiropractic care and lifestyle strategies. Both Dr. Thom and Dr. Sarah are trained in many techniques to give you and your family the best care. After our in-depth examination process, we will determine if we can help you and will always refer you elsewhere if needed. We are your local family chiropractors.

We Deliver at Elmira Family Chiropractic

Your Questions Answered

How do I know if I need a Chiropractor?

Honestly, you don’t. It’s true that pain or symptoms are a sign your body needs help, but please remember that they are only one sign.


To see if we can help, we first need to learn more about you and your problem. We cannot let you know if we can help without performing a consultation first and then an examination.


If you do not have a primary problem with your spine and nervous system, we will make an appropriate referral to another health care practitioner that can help you.

What takes place during the first visit and how long does it take?

Your first appointment is typically an hour. We will gather as much detail as possible about your past health, current health and goals for your health in the future.

The Doctor will determine if you are a candidate for our NeuroSpinal Examination. It is important to know that all of our tests are non-invasive and very comfortable.

The purpose of the examination is to analyze for structural distortions in your spine that result in nerve interference but every examination is different based on the person and their specific problem. Some of the core tests are Digital Structural Analysis, Posture, Balance and Proprioceptive Testing, Surface Electromyography, Infrared Thermal Scanning and Heart Rate Variability.

If you do not have a primary problem with your spine and nervous system, we may make an appropriate referral to another health care practitioner that can help you.

We will review all of your results and come up with specific recommendations for you that include:

    • If we can help you or what options you have
    • How long it will take
    • What it will cost

Once all of your questions are answered and you and your Doctor come to an agreement on your custom plan of action, your care can start right away.

How much will it cost?

Because we never want to waste your time or money, our initial consultation is free. If during your consultation, you and your doctor decide that it would be worthwhile to go through our NeuroSpinal Examination then the cost is $130.

At your follow up visit with your Doctor, we will review all of your results from that examination and then give you recommendations for your care and the exact cost for that process.

Because every person is different it is difficult to predict the total cost of your care without a NeuroSpinal Examination.

How many times will I have to come?

When it comes to the number of visits you’ll require this depends on a few factors:

    • What are your personal health goals?
    • How severe is your problem?
    • How long has it been going on for?

Along with your results, we will come up with a recommendation for your personal visit frequency.

But we know that everyone is different. We will check in regularly and perform comparative examinations to make sure that your recommended frequency is appropriate for the results you want.

Once I start seeing a Chiropractor, will I have to come forever?

No. You are in the driver’s seat and decide when your care starts and stops. Our Doctors will always give you their best recommendations for your health but will never pressure you into anything.

Does it hurt to get adjusted?

We use comfortable techniques at all times: gentle hands, tonal adjustments, drop piece tables, and hand held adjusting tools. Our goal is to work with your body, not against it. In many cases people experience immediate relief after an adjustment, especially if the spine has been restricted for a long time.

This gentle healing naturally respects each person’s boundaries and limitations as it allows for healing and growth. This deeper level of healing gives you an ability to enjoy life more fully.

What is the minimum age for going to a chiropractor?

There is no age restriction, but an infant exam looks very different from an adult exam. In many cases spinal problems can begin in utero or at birth, in utero or as soon as birth. We can perform a full Neurospinal examination at any age but it just looks very different from an adult exam. Similar to taking good care of your child’s teeth, it’s encouraged to have your child’s spine and nervous system evaluated as soon as possible, to make sure their body is functioning optimally. Both of our Doctors have completed post graduate certification with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

Is it safe during pregnancy?

Absolutely. Both of our Doctors are trained in the Webster Technique (a pregnancy specific technique) to ensure that your care is both safe and effective. We use custom pregnancy pillows that allow you to lay down on your belly comfortably, allowing you to be assessed and cared for. Chiropractic care during pregnancy has many benefits including keeping your body moving well, minimizing discomfort, and optimizing your body for the birth process and your postpartum recovery.

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At Elmira Family Chiropractic, it is our pleasure and our mission to serve and lead as many people as we can toward optimal health expression.

We engage our people in true health care – a joint journey between doctor and patient with the common goal of experiencing life to the fullest.
We share this journey with newborns, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.


Speak with one of our Doctors today to see if Elmira Family Chiropractic
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